Tom Shanahan, Recovery Advocate

Tom Shanahan was seemingly at the peak of his career at a successful law firm in New York City when he had the rude awakening that the late nights partying had garnered negative attention in his professional life. Around the same time he was summarily dismissed from his position, his brother was rendered a quadriplegic after a ski accident. Amid the public shame of losing his position and the shock of becoming the primary caretaker for his paralyzed brother, his addiction spiraled out of control and he went into rehab, where he discovered the benefits of exercise in staving off his urges to abuse substances and reach his top physical state. Tom found the key to his recovery at a World Gym in Portland, Maine, where I shot him signing the release of his book, Spiritual Adrenaline. He is back to successfully practicing law at his own firm in Manhattan. While he is maintaining his own health and sobriety, Tom Shanahan uses his experiences to help others who are struggling with addiction.

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