1. The Chaotic Optimism of Zoo Cain

    24 Jan 2019
    Zoo Cain’s self-constructed studio space is comprised of countless found license plates, a chair befitting of a bishop, and other found ephemera he has collected over the past quarter century he has been sober. When he is not making artworks in his basement studio, he devotes his time to reaching…

  2. Tom Shanahan, Recovery Advocate

    19 Jan 2019
    Tom Shanahan was seemingly at the peak of his career at a successful law firm in New York City when he had the rude awakening that the late nights partying had garnered negative attention in his professional life. Around the same time he was summarily dismissed from his position, his…

  3. Danny’s Teeth

    13 Jan 2019
    Before Danny could return to Berlin, he had to complete rigorous dental surgery. Parts of his jaw were transplanted to the space above where the lateral incisors he was born without would be implanted with permanent false ones. He obliged me in my request to document the intimate details on…

  4. Denim Ridge: Collaboration with Grace Foxen - Knitwear Fashion Story

    17 Dec 2018
    Grace Foxen Knitwear

  5. Alone at Jacob Riis Park

    03 Sep 2017

  6. NYC: Spring/Summer 2017

    15 Jun 2017

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